How to Make a Chicken Coop From Playhouse

If you have a playhouse with more of a wooden structure then you can surely turn it into a nice chicken coop and keep it outdoor. Most people love to make a coop for their backyard so their hens can hatch eggs inside it. It’s fun to have your own farm style eggs from the … Read more

How to Make Walk In Chicken Coop

Some people love to have fresh farm eggs from their own chicken coop. It’s more fun, exciting, and peaceful to have the eggs that your beautiful hens hatched inside the coop rather than buying it from the market. So, if you plan to make a chicken coop in the yard go for this plan, it … Read more

Make a Chicken Coop from Scratch

This article is about six chicken coop floor plan and it is for those who wish to make a house for 4 chickens or two roosters. The original plan states that it can house as many as 6 chickens of any size. Moreover, it features five nesting boxes for the chicken to hatch and lay eggs. How … Read more