Why do people hate Comic Sans?

Comic Sans was originally developed by typographer Vincent Connare in 1994 to pair with a cartoon dog that helped folks navigate the Microsoft Windows interface. The font that was dubbed “playful” and “friendly” by its creator has since become a pariah in the typography community and a laughing stock on the internet at large. The reason could have to do with the font being used out of context, so to speak. Here’s how Jo Mackiwicz, a professor of rhetoric of and professional communication who’s researched how people perceive fonts, explained it to LiveScience:

“People, especially typographers, get upset when it’s used improperly. For example, if someone sends an email or writes a document using it, it results in a mismatch — an informal, childlike, ‘funny’ typeface for a potentially serious topic. I think a lot of the reasons people hate it is that it’s seen so often, and in places where it should not be used. The fact that it was being used outside of its rather limited purpose — that became obnoxious to people who knew better.”

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